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Virtual serial Port driver helps to emulate port and connects them over a virtual null-modem cable. You can create as many ports as you need and work with virtual connections, like with the existing ones.


Virtual Parallel Port Emulator web site. Data security related software. Application allows creation of a virtual serial port, which is connected to a named pipe. Virtual Serial Port that Uses Files for Input and Output Application supports a virtual serial port configuration, in which reading from a port results in reading from a file and writing to a port results in writing to a file. Port Emulator Free Port Emulator

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COM port Emulator will allow you to create virtual RS232 ports linked together in pairs via the virtual null modem connection. The absolute advantage of the virtual ports created with our software is that data transferred by the applications that open these ports on either side of the pair, is written to one virtual COM port and instantly read from another one. Every created virtual port will be treated by the operating system and therefore any Windows software as the real COM port, meaning that it will support the same settings. When the virtual serial port pair is added, it appears in Windows Device Manager, what is more, it is automatically recreated on system boot, even before logging into your Windows user account. Virtual Port Emulator can be integrated into your own application (OEM license) allowing you to create and manage virtual serial ports right from your piece of software.