Microsoft Nano Transceiver V2.0 Driver For Mac

First off, I have done my homework. I'm a software architect myself and don't give up easily!

  1. Microsoft Nano Transceiver V2.1

Find your new Microsoft mouse that is as sleek and stylish as it is functional. Hi, Sean, There's no separate driver just for the Nano transceiver. Did you install the software on the CD that came with the mouse? I know you said you. I recently bought a keyboard (microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 V2) for my new PC (windows 7 64-bit installed) and i simply can't get it to work! The installation of intellitype pro 8.0 works perfectly and I am able to choose my keyboard model from the list. Find great deals on eBay for microsoft transceiver. Shop with confidence.

And I've keyworded this article with all of the relevant information so others can find the fix when we get it lined out, I hope it helps. This happens on very plain install of Windows 7 64bit, SP1, Microsoft Touch Mouse with a Microsoft Nano Transceiver v1.0.

Let's forget that I have a new Microsoft Touch Mouse because the problem seems to actually be when installing the Microsoft Nano Transceiver v1.0. With the mouse off, when I just plug this small usb key in, the system recognizes it for what it is but says that it fails with the standard fail screen. 'Device driver was not successfully installed. Microsoft Nano Transceiver v1.0' If you go into Devices and Printers, click on the one with the yellow caution symbol, Microsoft Nano Transceiver v1.0, it will take you to the properties, clicking the hardware tab it says 'Device Status: Reinstall the drivers for this device.

Microsoft nano transceiver v2.0 driver for mac windows 10

Where it gets interesting, clicking properties it says this: 'C: Windows system32 WdfCoInstaller01009.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.' If you browse to that file, I see that the file date is 7/28/2011, barely 1 month old. So it was obviously updated very recently. I try trusty windows update, and luckily it finds an important update (ONLY when the transceiver usb is plugged in). The update seems immensely relevant, it's called 'Microsoft - Other Hardware - Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Detection Driver (USB)'. But it fails installation with the very helpful 'Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Code 800F020B (code changes every attempt)'. This is really rare here because remember, this is a very plain install of Windows 7. Ok, so I can't update with windows update, can't find the driver or hotfix online either to install it manually. So I reinstalled the IntelliPoint Drivers 8.2 many times, and with the transceiver plugged in, it will fail with 'Error code: 1603'.

Without it plugged in, the install will succeed but nothing works still, same errors trying to see the Transceiver. So I honed in on the file in question, WdfCoInstaller01009.dll, a dll I believe used for to install usb drivers. I noticed on my laptop (running same type of win 7 install) that same file was dated 8/6/2009.

So I ran sfc.exe /scannow from a command prompt to make sure my windows files were all the right versions. So I backed up my copy of the 7/2011 one and then put the 8/2009 back in place. Then I plug in the usb transceiver. It says it installs successfully, yay! But I need to reboot first, so I do and Windows puts the 7/28/2011 version of the file back on boot, then when it loads the Transceiver again, we're back to square fails, same reasons. It seems like that WdfCoInstaller01009.dll is built for a different windows environment and there is a hotfix out there to fix it, but it fails. When helping, please realize that I have done all of this many different ways, in safe and clean boot modes and more.

Microsoft Nano Transceiver V2.1

I've found and followed many articles out there including: (all methods followed) (grabbed latest driver installs and re-installed many times) and many others. What should be done next? Maybe give me the hotfix windows update is failing to install? SideNote: When I plug in the Microsoft Touch Mouse for the first time, it blue screens (only when the mouse was turned on). For virtually all hardware, the software/drivers should be installed first, before plugging in the hardware. In my case, plugging in my Asus bluetooth adaptor resulted in a 'properly configured' bluetooth adaptor, but properly is a relative term.

It was using the MS bluetooth stack, and just wasn't right(complete). My own fault, I just got ahead of myself. So I left the device plugged in, went to the device manager and selected removed this device AND remove the drivers.

Then I pulled the adaptor and rebooted. After reboot I installed the Asus BT suite/drivers (fresh copies from the site as opposed to the out of date ones on the disc.) THEN I plugged in the BT adaptor. After many 'found new hardware' / 'installed successfully' cycles (one for each supported function the BT device/suite offered) I was greeted with a truly fully functional BT adaptor with all of the features I paid for. I too am a developer, and having done a lot of USB hardware designs and the drivers to support them, there are few people that should have known better than I, but I got ahead of myself.